Jul. 31st, 2012

philip_charming: (Misery)
Ob Holm was a much warmer town than Espoir, a desert jewel with its own culture and style. The people, the surroundings, the way of life, all the little things that didn't matter were different; it was the sort of place Philip had always dreamed of visiting, really.

It's a different story when you're effectively exiled there. Exiled because you weren't good enough, couldn't fight hard enough, because you let your dream-home get overrun by an endless flood of monsters; because you failed. Not everyone took it as badly as Philip did, but nonetheless there was an air of defeat hanging about the ship as it settled down into its new town.

Even so, there was one bright spot amid all the darkness. Philip rose as the ramp fell, aching and weary in every stretched muscle, as just a bit of a smile curled up a bit of his face beneath all the dust and nightmare blood he hadn't bothered to wipe off.

He was going to see his darling wife again, safe and sound and free. And that was the only thing that mattered.

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