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Adventure the First [Video]

Hel- Hello?

I think I'm doing this right...

Hello, there! This is Prince Philip, trying out this 'vid-yoo' communication. To those who receive me, it's a pleasure to meet you! I look forward to becoming proper acquaintances soon.

In fact, I'm told some of you might be people I know already. If you get this, please let me know somehow! I'd be glad of a familiar face.

Especially Aurora... Whup! How do you turn this of-

[ video ] 1/?

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Prince Philip—Prince Philip?!

[ video ]

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Oh my goodness, I can't believe it!

[ video ]

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But I'm not entirely sure if you're the Prince Philip and she's not around to tell me right now—

[ video ]

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But you look exactly like she told me and how many Prince Philips would there be

[ video ]

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And you did say Aurora, didn't you?!?

[ video ] DONE I'm so sorry XDa

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Oh my goodness! Prince Philip!

[Video] It was a picspazz of glory, I'm sure not sorry about it! xD

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[Okay, care to repeat that a little slower? He's not sure he caught all the spazzing.]

...Um, yes? Excuse me, have we met?

[Not that he was likely to forget such a seriously cute girl, especially with hair down to her... Waist? Knees? Just how far did that go?]

[ video ] <3

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[come now Philip, keep up!]

Oh—no, but—I've heard so much about you.

[ video] :D

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[Hey now, he got MOST of it!]

Oh, did you? [Father if you had anything to do with this I'll- She may be cute, but AURORA'S the girl of my dreams!

Wait, she mentioned Aurora. Maybe... Did he dare hope?]
And who might have been telling you tales? Good tales, I would hope.

[Stop hoping stop hoping stop hoping]

[ video]

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Oh yes. Aurora is my best friend!

[video] 3/3

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Where!? Where can I find her, where is my lady now!?

[He KNOWS his priorities, and right now that means everything else gets pushed to the back burner.]


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Uhhm, she went out to collect some things from the forest, so I'm not sure exactly where she is. But if you come to where we live, she'll be back soon. And I know nothing would make her happier than to see you.

[video] Thank you SO much for this. :D

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The forest, you say!? I'm on my way.

Come on, Samson, it's time to go!

[A displeased whinny is heard in the background, as the Dreamberry was whirled around by his action... and then thrown into a saddlebag, accidentally getting turned off in the process.

Whoops! This is the problem with being in love; some things become more important than thinking!]


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Oh! You know Aurora?

[video] 2/2

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[WAAAAAAIT a second.]

...You know Aurora, milady?


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[She nods a little bit.]

Yes, I do. She's one of my friends here. You're from her world?


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She's... she's the love of my life.

She's the woman I'm set to marry, please could you tell me where she is? If Aurora's here, I have to find her!

[The last time he left her he had to fight a dragon and break a lifelong curse to get her back, he's a little twitchy about leaving her by her lonesome now.

Especially because, for him? That dragonfighting was YESTERDAY.]


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Oh! She told me about you...

[It just now clicked, really.]

I'm not sure where she lives, but if you want to call her and find out I'll tell you how. Unless you know already.

[But she's not sure how well he actually knows how to use this thing...]


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Hold on, none of this is her fault, and every bit of information is more than he had a moment ago. Be calm, let her be, get the information.]

That... would be a kindness, milady. Would you please instruct me?

[Nunnally might notice the forced steadiness in his voice, or perhaps the way his entire body seems to be shaking; clearly, Philip is TOTALLY under control.]


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She notices how tense he is, and decides to cut out the small talk and just tell him how to use it.

So she explains to him how to work it, and when she's done:

Does that make sense?


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[You don't even know where she lives, HOW CAN YOU BE SURE

But he'll listen carefully to the huge-eyed young lady, mentally noting each of her instructions to be able to use them later. And he is indeed grateful for it... just anxious, as well.]

As for sense, I admit I cannot see any in this device... but such is to be expected in a magical tool such as this. [Philip smiled, warm and genuine and carefully paying atttention instead of hanging up and trying to call Aurora.] You've been most kind in your tutelage, my lady. Might I be permitted to learn your name, so I know who I have to thank?


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It can be hard for people who aren't used to it...if you need any more help, I'll try to explain things as much as I can.

[She smiles.]

I'm Nunnally. It's very nice to meet you!