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Adventure the Fifth [Video, locked from [ profile] curingflower

[Dear Somarium, can you help a confused prince?]

I can't say as I understand this... 'Secret Llama' business? A llama is some form of woolly camel, isn't it?

Yet in any case, I'm supposedly meant to offer up a gift to young Miss Tsubomi for Christ's season. While I can't fathom why, it seems reasonable enough; she's a charming young lass and could surely use a cheering gift.

The problem, however, lies in one simple thing. Just what would be an appropriate (and interesting) gift for a young girl of such a strange and wildly different culture?

[Help him, citizens. You're his only hope!]


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Oh! Phillip! [Aurora comes up behind him husband as she wraps her arms around his waist from behind. She's in a night gown and a robe provided by the suite of the hotel.] I was hoping you would know what a llama is!


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Well, I can try.

[Philip grinned sheepishly, patting her hands at his waist and totally leaning back to feel her body pressed against him. He'd gone ahead and gotten dressed for the video, not wanting to rub his good fortune in the faces of people he was asking for help.] I think I remember something about them being pack animals for the bald men of far Tybalt, who live in the mountains that hold up the sky... but I've no idea why they should be keeping secrets.


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[She rested her cheek against his strong back and closed her eyes in content.] What a strange creature, and now it wants us to be giving gifts to one another on Christmas!


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I can't say as I understand it myself, either. [Ohhh such exquisite teasing~] As best I knew, the Tybalters are a race of devoted paynim, who firmly believe in nothing and fight without swords.

[Seems rather dumb to him, but maybe that's why the llama converted.] Still, it's certainly a good act that it performs now, hmm?


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What curious people. How did you ever hear of them?

And it seems quite lovely. Though I still wonder what a llama has to do with Christmas.


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Hmm? Oh, that was from one of the travelogues in King Stefan's royal library. He's got even more books than Father does! [FORTY BOOKS, Aurora love. FORTY. BOOKS.]

Heh, I doubt we'll ever know lest we can find and ask him.


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If I see him, I'm I'll have to remember to do just that.

Ah but, any luck on what to get young lady Tsubomi?


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None at all. [Big sigh.] It's as if everyone's busy with their own concerns. I'll just have to give her something a normal young lady might enjoy, and hope it comes across well I suppose.
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A dress then may be best. It never hurts to give nice clothes.


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A dress, hmm? I'd been thinking of something like that; it ought to be practical, at the least. [Hmm, think hard-wearing cloth- and make it rather showy; she's getting the generosity of a PRINCE, after all!]


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Would you like me to make it?


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I'd thought of just going down to one of the shops and sketching out a rough design for a dressmaker. There's no need to force you to do everything on your own, is there?

[Philip has a prince's outlook toward things he can't do himself- just buy the services of someone who can, or as he likes to phrase it, delegating responsibility. That's an important thing for a ruler to know, you know!]


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[Aurora, even living here after for more than six months, was still unused to just buying things. What she couldn't make, find, repair, or grow herself was a luxury that could go without or was something to acquire for special occasions. Even Rapunzel's paints had been something they could make together... although eventually they did start buying some of the paints. She smiled as she ran her fingers through his hair.]

I'm sure whatever you find will be wonderful for her.


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Aurora DOES know from dresses, what with actually wearing them and all. Maybe he should get her opinion?]

I hadn't been thinking of just looking through what was offered, really. That might be all well and good under other circumstances, but if I'm to give a gift it should be recognizably from me. That's why I was intending to have someone work up a dress styled from back home; I'd been thinking something like this.

[Philip's hand moved across the page, sketching a rough but recognizable outline of a slightly elaborate peasant dress, good for feastdays. He wanted to keep it appropriate with her station, after all.]

You see, this part should be all in red, and the underskirt all in white; it should make a striking contrast. [...Just like Aurora's wedding dress. Why didn't he realize that before!?

...Wait, how would it matter?]