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2030-10-30 07:48 pm
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Oh, I'm terribly sorry! I didn't mean to be unavailable; please do leave a message so that I might get back to you as soon as I can.

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2011-12-23 05:20 pm
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Adventure the Fifth [Video, locked from [ profile] curingflower

[Dear Somarium, can you help a confused prince?]

I can't say as I understand this... 'Secret Llama' business? A llama is some form of woolly camel, isn't it?

Yet in any case, I'm supposedly meant to offer up a gift to young Miss Tsubomi for Christ's season. While I can't fathom why, it seems reasonable enough; she's a charming young lass and could surely use a cheering gift.

The problem, however, lies in one simple thing. Just what would be an appropriate (and interesting) gift for a young girl of such a strange and wildly different culture?

[Help him, citizens. You're his only hope!]
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2011-12-04 03:07 pm
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Dreaming the Second

Warnings: VIOLENCE and DISNEY under the cut!
Dream Effects: Determination and nigh-crippling fear, with shadings of righteous fury; rising desperation follows, before being replaced by overwhelming relief and weary tenderness

St. George, eat your heart out )

[Philip's sleep-thrashing stilled at the end, gradually easing into wakefulness with a tired smile on his face; those bedcovers really would never be the same.]
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2011-11-30 08:28 pm
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Adventure the Fourth [Video; SOOOOO very locked away from Aurora]

[The video comes on without any jarring or jolts; Philip's been practicing.

Stepping back from the Dreamberry to get more of himself recorded, he began:]

Hello, Somarium. This is Prince Philip; you might have noticed my name on the wedding invitations sent out this Sunday past.

Well, I've been handling the arrangements while my dear Aurora took care of the planning, and my side is either all prepared or will be by the time our blessed event rolls around... Except for one aspect.

Someone to officiate.

[Feel free to laugh and mock here, Philip feels like he has it coming.]

So I put it to you, folk of this place. Is there anyone among you that could join my Princess and I in matrimony? As much of a dream this place might be, we'd still like our union to be as legal as possible.
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2011-11-24 07:30 pm
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Adventure the Third

[Coming back to the cottage from the battle with the statue, Philip took care of his horse Samson, moving on autopilot... then just slumped in a chair even as the horse flopped onto a carpet nearby.

Just give him a minute, he'll reach for the bandages soon... Right now, he'll just sit and stare at his battered and aching hands.]

I helped today. I know I did. Lives were saved by my actions; mine, and those of others. But what do you say to the people that died anyway?

What do you do, when your best just isn't good enough?
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2011-11-15 06:29 pm

Adventure the Second [Video]

[The screen jars into a view of a beaming face, looking like he just got named Sultan of Happytown.]

Cut for Big Font and yes, Singing )

[OOC: Guess who got some good news and is inflicting his joy on EVERYBODY? If you're in Espoir, feel free to stop by and gawk/get forcibly dance-abducted. It's a great day to be alive, folks; so says the prince!]
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2011-11-11 07:04 pm

Dreaming the First

Warnings: TAUNTINGS and DISNEY under the cut!
Dream Effects: Shocked surprise at first, fading to tenderness- and then a precipitous fall into miserable despair, gradually hardening to bitter determination
Note: While this is no happy dream, it's also not a Moon Cycle nightmare; no illness shall be forthcoming.

Once Upon a Nightmare )


[Philip jerked upright in bed, covered in sweat and staring wildly at the dark of his bedroom- and at no point does he notice the faint glimmer of the Dreamberry at his bedside table, its purple glow fading away.]
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2011-10-30 11:17 am
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Adventure the First [Video]

Hel- Hello?

I think I'm doing this right...

Hello, there! This is Prince Philip, trying out this 'vid-yoo' communication. To those who receive me, it's a pleasure to meet you! I look forward to becoming proper acquaintances soon.

In fact, I'm told some of you might be people I know already. If you get this, please let me know somehow! I'd be glad of a familiar face.

Especially Aurora... Whup! How do you turn this of-
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2011-10-15 03:45 pm
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How Am I Driving?

Comments, criticism, analysis? This is the place to go!

Anonymous is on, IP is gone, all comments are screened. By all means, hit me with your best shot.

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2011-10-14 08:50 am
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Profile Meme

[Character Name] Prince Philip
[Canon] Disney's Sleeping Beauty
[Point Taken from Canon] Post-movie
[Age] 21
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Hetero
[Eye Color]
[Hair Color] Brown
[Height] 5'10"

The gleam in your eyes is so familiar )