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Let's give this a whirl.

[Player name] Reap
[Age] 26
[Personal Journal] Nonexistent

[Character name] Prince Philip
[Age] 21
[Canon] Disney's Sleeping Beauty
[Point in time taken from canon] Shortly post-canon

The bare bones of a dreamer

Philip is one of the original examples of 'Prince Charming.' He is kind, noble, and generous to a fault, with a sincere concern for his people and kingdom, but with a rather cheeky sense of humor to leaven his more serious side. As a young boy, he was an incurable mischief-maker whose stunts and pranks were a royal pain to not only the servants and nobles in his father's palace, but also the surrounding town! Yet as he grew older, the guilt from his younger exploits began to catch up to him and act as a goad, spurring him to become a better and more caring leader of his people.

Having been raised from birth to be the heir of his kingdom, Philip has had the best education the early 14th century could offer- and with his motivations to take advantage of it, he's done his best to take advantage. With long and vigorous years of training (and a couple chances to put said training to the test), he is confident in his abilities as a warrior and leader of men. Diplomacy is something he's left more to his father, but he can almost hold his own at a banquet or other such function... even if his 'old-fashioned' views of morality and noblesse oblige are a favorite topic for mockery by the young lordlings of the court. Their kind of thinking, seeing conspiracy in every corner, left its imprint on his thoughts; he remains a decent person out of force of will, striving to see the best in everyone unless given reason to believe otherwise. Philip endeavors to always find good in people.. Yet the only person he's never struggled to see the good in is Aurora. When you get right down to it, Aurora's innocence is what he loves best of all.

More than anything else, the red thread that stitches every part of his personality together is Princess Aurora. In my interpretation, Aurora and Philip's dreams have been linked together their entire lives, seeing each other in slumber off and on ever since her christening. While most children might not enjoy constantly hanging out with a child 5 years younger than they are, between Aurora's fairy-touched beauty and Maleficent's curse ('She shall be loved by all'), he never had a chance. He grew up loving her, seeing her as his fantasy ideal of the perfect girl, and striving to be worthy of her- even in his dream. And then when he found out she was real, and every bit as worth loving as he'd always imagined, Philip was bound and determined to marry her... Even at the cost of the throne. Not just because she was that wonderful, but because if he turned away from True Love, then he would no longer be fit to rule.

Even so, when Maleficent showed him that the love of his life and the duty to his cherished people were one and the same, it was an utterly unburdening relief... which made her taunting afterward strike all the crueler. He came close to despair, in that dungeon cell... But that was what the evil fairy WANTED, and he refused to give her the satisfaction. From that point on, all the self-styled 'Mistress of all Evil' was to him? Was an obstacle in his way. All his doubts had been resolved; step between him and Aurora, and it doesn't matter how big you get. He will do his level best to cut you DOWN.

Between childhood guilt, lifelong love, ingrained responsibility, and steadfast valor, he wound up being forged into the ideal fairy-tale prince... but love drove him onward above all.

Philip is a reasonably competent woodsman, his forest rides the favored way for him to get out from under the burden of courtly life for awhile. Exceptionally skilled in military theory and knightly combat, he can also dance well and sing elegantly, as well as read and write and do complex arithmetic. (Multiplication, however, is entirely beyond him.) He has a firm grasp of 14th century European politics, protocol, and law, with a shaky grasp of history and battlefield medicine... and very little comprehension of science or magic.

[Other important stuff]
Philip is a very spiritual person with strong views on sin, although his opinion on religion is a tad skeptical, mainly due to the behavior of the Church. His favorite companion is his horse Samson, a fairly clever and personable steed that happens to be addicted to carrots.

[Sample post]
[First Person]
If you could go back home, would you? Why or why not?
If I could take Aurora? In a heartbeat. Her family hasn't been able to see her for sixteen years, and I'm quite certain she has more catching up to do with them. Then, too, it just isn't appropriate to go gallivanting around in dream worlds, leaving my people unattended; Father could (and doubtless would) take up the slack, but I can't help but think he does better when I can take on some of the responsibility. Not to mention that at least there, I know what to do with myself...

But to go alone? Unacceptable. If home be where the heart is, then my home is with Aurora. Wherever she may be.

Your country is in the middle of a war. What do you think of it? Do you support it or try to solve it yourself by going on an epic quest? Explain.
MY country, MY soldiers, MY people to protect. If we are at war, then my role is to lead at the fore. I shall be the shield of my people, and woe to any who dare prey upon them!

You have two options: either save your friend who is hanging from a cliff, or chase after the bad guy who put them in a position. If you choose the former, the bad guy will get away and it will be hard to catch him. If you choose the latter, the cliff will crumble and the friend will fall to the spiky rocks below. What do you do and why?
Save the friend. Every time. Criminals can be captured, fiends can be fought... but a life, once lost, can never be returned to us.

You're asked to take someone out for a date. Do you agree? If so, describe what you would do. If not, tell why.
*Sigh* You DO realize I'm about to be married, yes?

...On the other hand, were it a date with Aurora? I think I'd take her down into town. We'd wander through the market and look into all the familiar and exotic goods, let her interact with the commonfolk as much (or as little) as she might wish... And I daresay I'd take her to see a glassblower at work. She's been in a forest all her life, and as much as I enjoy the woodland, my darling deserves to see what civilization has to offer.

Would you consider yourself a power hungry individual?
Were I so eager for power, I would have married King Stefan's daughter no matter the circumstances in order to consolidate his and Father's kingdom under my future rule, instead of being willing to give up the throne. Yet what right, what moral authority, would I have to command my people if I turned aside love inn order to grasp at power? No, despite Aurora's revealed identity my choice was sound and unregretted: Better to be a good man than a bad King.

If I offered to save your soul for a price, would you go with it and why?
*SIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH* I don't care WHAT the Pope said, Holy Father. Selling these 'indulgences' is blasphemy; you CANNOT buy salvation! Why else would Christ have thrown the moneylenders from the temple?

Would you consider yourself a well traveled person? If so, what are some of your favorite places? If not, would you want to travel or is there some place you want to go?
Better traveled than most, I suppose. Father has often taken me on diplomatic visits to neighboring kingdoms; he always said it offered a chance to forge new connections and keep old friendships strong. Even so, there is so much of the world I shall never see; the lush jungles of deepest Africa! The mysteries of far-off Camphor! The ancient splendors of China, where silk comes from! Had I the freedom, I would go and see all the myriad wonders my world has to offer... But the kingdom needs its prince, and I'd not turn away from them without a far better reason than this.

Do you prefer adventure or the peaceful life?
It's odd; for the longest time, I would have spoken of craving adventure, true adventure! To go on Crusade, traveling to distant lands and battling heathens for the glory of God. To brave dangers and harrowing trials, only to come out a man of whom legends would be told for centuries upon end...

Yet I've already faced down the powers of Hell itself. I slew a dragon to save my love, and now? Peace sounds very good indeed.

[Third Person]

The Prince's face was set, jaw clenched as he weathered the rain of his opponent's blows. His shield arm was numb, his sword arm arched with weariness, but at the last he managed to dash aside the foeman's blade and knock him sprawling with a well-placed shoulder. Parrying the wild attempt at a counterattack, he moved in for the final blow-


And sighed, dropping the practice sword to extend a hand to the captain of the Royal Guard. "Come on, Robert; you know how Father gets when he starts bellowing."

Captain Robert took advantage of the offer, hauling himself to his feet with Prince Philip's aid. "I'm just glad it's directed at you this time, Highness!" Smiling through his beard, he went ahead and detailed servants to clean up the training ground for the next bout, as a puffing King Hubert confronted his son.

"Philip, what on EARTH are you doing here!? I've three dukes and the king of Portugal here, and the banquet begins in
an hour! Clean up, get dressed, you can't come to dinner reeking of horse and iron! I need YOU to-"

And Philip chimed in on the next part, knowing his role by heart. "'Keep their offspring occupied and out of the way, while you take care of conducting business.' Really, Father, it's not like we haven't done this before; you're probably just going to get them all drunk, do something ridiculous, and get your way while they're all laughing." He shook his head at the King, smiling; how DID it work every time?

"Well, why change a winning formula?" Hubert chuckled, patting his stomach. "You'll be a married man soon, Philip; one of these days you'll need to start practicing this kind of thing. I can't do it all forever."

Philip laughed, wrapping a low-reaching arm around his father's shoulders as he turned them back toward the castle. "I don't know if I've got a strong enough stomach to be as good a diplomat as you, Father, but I'll keep it in mind. Now, I'll go up and get ready; why don't you check the kitchens to make sure everything is up to scratch? I know you've readied the wine cellar, but food is important too." He gave his father a little push toward the pantry; no need to have him hanging about and asking how long Philip had been messing about, right?

Hubert harrumphed, crossing his arms even as he allowed himself to be led. "As if I'D forget FOOD. Don't be ridiculous, my boy." Although, those stuffed geese looked delicious in need of plumping; maybe he'd better check and make sure. "Well, I suppose another examination wouldn't hurt. But you be ready in an hour, or ELSE!"

The prince waved his hand, already ascending the stone steps to his quarters. "In an hour, naturally. See you then!"

[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?]
Partially because I like the idea of a character whose life was defined by a dream getting to play in a dream world, but mostly? I just like rocking out with your Aurora, and this was an opportunity not to be missed.
[Which rule was your favorite and why?]
No playercesting. I've seen more than one game end with just one or two people playing with themselves, no room for other players to get involved or contribute.
[Where did you hear about Somarium?]
From Aurora-mun, on Dear_Mun.
[Any questions?]
May I bring in Samson as Philip's pet?