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Adventure the Fourth [Video; SOOOOO very locked away from Aurora]

[The video comes on without any jarring or jolts; Philip's been practicing.

Stepping back from the Dreamberry to get more of himself recorded, he began:]

Hello, Somarium. This is Prince Philip; you might have noticed my name on the wedding invitations sent out this Sunday past.

Well, I've been handling the arrangements while my dear Aurora took care of the planning, and my side is either all prepared or will be by the time our blessed event rolls around... Except for one aspect.

Someone to officiate.

[Feel free to laugh and mock here, Philip feels like he has it coming.]

So I put it to you, folk of this place. Is there anyone among you that could join my Princess and I in matrimony? As much of a dream this place might be, we'd still like our union to be as legal as possible.

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[As a woman who was only married a few months earlier in Somarium, Naomi feels the need to step in and give the young couple a quick kind word.]

Well, congratulations in advance. Any luck yet on your quest?

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[And it's much appreciated!]

My thanks, Goodwoman. And no, not yet; we still need an officiator.

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[Aw, Goodwoman. How cute.]

Try asking around in Espoir. There's a great number of churches there.

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[It's important to be appropriate about these things, after all.]

Many chapels, but I've yet to find a priest save for the skeevy-looking Cardinal that set up The Church of Holy Light... And he woke up some weeks ago.

I'd be overjoyed to find a proper priest, but in this place a monarch might actually be easier to hunt down. [Som's weird that way, eh?]

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[At the mention of that less-than-holy man, an unreadable emotion flickers over the lovely woman's face. Naomi's husband may be pleased the handsome, Italtian charmer is gone, but Naomi herself is not.]

Check City Hall. That's where I was married and I believe they might be better able to direct you to what you'd like than most people in the city.
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Wh-- how long has there been a Prince Philip? o:

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[Rather than answering the man's query, Jin is more focused on the realities of marrying someone in a dream world-- or in this case, the lack of reality. Want some rain with that parade?]

You intend to marry someone while in a dream world?

Siiiiince... October-ish? *Has been trying to interact at least somewhat*

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[Rain all you like, but good luck trying to dampen his spirits...]

Indeed I do. And again when we wake up, for that matter. We don't know how long we'll be stuck here, and neither one of us wants to wait for something so uncertain; if we're going to live together, it's only right to do so as man and wife.

Kudos for playing the best Disney prince~

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[Jin just shakes his head. Although it seemed pointless, who was he to dissuade this man?]

Suit yourself. If you're so intent on getting married, to go city hall.

*Bows* Thankew, thankew; I try to keep his characterization straight.

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[In turn, Philip nodded... if reluctantly.] I'd heard their officials could manage something, and mean to turn to them if all else fails- but I have to admit, I'd much prefer another option.

A marriage should be binding before man and God; one of their paper-shufflers might manage the 'man' part, but I rather doubt he could do a priest's duty on the other side of the coin. [Or a sitting monarch; 'divine right of kings', right?]

You seem to be doing fine so far!

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[Jin sighs wearily, already feeling like he's walked himself into another mess. One he could simply exit by hanging up his phone, but really, it wasn't that much of a hassle... Although he won't admit it.]

If you feel it's necessary, go to a church. Wedding services are generally performed at churches, correct?

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Congratulations, your highness. [She sneezes into her handkerchief.]


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Why thank you, Milady Liddell- oh? Is something wrong?

[Here, have a concerned prince being all concerning about your welfare in a concernified way!]


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OH! I'm terribly sorry! [So fairy children got sick too? Not the point, she needs taking care of!]

Where are you? I'm not certain what I can do to help, but I'll surely try.


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I'm with my brothers. You can't come, you''ll get sick too!


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Re: [Video]

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[Pinged by marriage. Oh man, she hates this place but there's part of her that's just happy to be away from home and this- this just makes life here a bit better.]

I had no idea you could get married in this place. Congratulations!

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Why, thank you! [Here, have a pleased smile.]

To be honest, I'm not entirely certain about the protocol of marriage for this place- but so long as we include all our customs and find a suitable officiator to handle the ceremony, I daresay we'll be in good shape.

Would you care to come? We're inviting everyone to the wedding, and the banquet afterwards.

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It still sounds nice...

[M-Maybe she could get married to Yukki when he got here... The thought makes her blush sadflkg. She needs to further investigate this]

I would love to come, thank you!

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I certainly hope it will be.

[Between the thought of marrying the woman he loved, and having another someone that wanted to come, it's a big beaming grin he's sporting now.]

Wonderful! The information should be on your wedding invitation, and my lady and I will look forward to seeing you there- Ah, but I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage. [A rueful little chuckle, here.]

As the card states, I am Philip of Corunne; might I be granted your name in return?


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Oh, you're getting married? I'm very excited for you and Aurora both!


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Thank you, so very much! Your assistance was much appreciated, Milady Nunnally.

Would you care to come to the wedding? We'd be so pleased to have you there.


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You're very welcome!

Oh, I'd really like to go! I'm sure it'll be beautiful.


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It certainly ought to be. [Have a bit of a grin; Philip's been putting pretty much every spare moment he could snatch (Aside from fighting statues, and going on mountain expeditions) into setting up the event; forgive him for being a little proud of the results?]

It'll be such a happy occasion with all our friends and acquaintances there; I can hardly wait for it to happen. [And that's beside the whole 'Being married to Aurora' part!]


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Any luck finding someone who can assist you? [ Titus is his direct self, it would seem. ]


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Very little; I've had no volunteers, but if worse comes to worst I should be able to coerce some paper-shuffling clerk from the 'City Hall' to perform the ceremony legally; they owe some consideration for services rendered.

[But hey Titus, have a smile.] Unless you happened to know someone who might be willing to marry us?